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Nous sommes tous nostalgique de pouvoir se retrouver dans une cabane secrète au fond du bois.

Vos rêves
deviennent réalités grâce
à Lümidôme.
  • How will the pre-sale work?
    We ask for a 30% deposit in order to prioritize our customers and to respect a mutual commitment. This allows us not to overproduce and to respect the order of our customer order list. After confirming your order, we ask for a 30% deposit. You can pay by a series of e-transfer, bank transfer, bitcoin or credit card. We charge a 3% credit card processing fee. The remainder is due when your dome is ready to ship.
  • Can we have different sizes?
    Yes. For the moment, we offer an ideal format for your crops to meet a supply of 2 to 6 people depending on your crop varieties. If you have a larger and more personalized project, we invite you to contact us.
  • What is the delivery cost?
    Shipping rates vary depending on size and location of course. Shipping for a dome in Quebec usually costs between $500 and $700. We offer free delivery for 3 or more domes anywhere in Quebec. If you want a home installation, contact us to calculate your installation costs. These costs include delivery. Please email us at for a shipping quote as the website is unable to automatically calculate shipping rates.
  • Is the floor included?
    No. Most of our customers choose to install the cocoGREENHOUSES directly on the ground. If you would like a platform, we provide engineered platform plans for our common dome sizes with cutouts, measurements and detailed angles that you can use to build it yourself or give it to a local contractor.
  • Is the dome suitable for winter?
    Yes. Polythene type plastic is specially designed for Nordic greenhouses. Its resistance to cold is -40 degrees and it is suitable for UV.
  • How do I insulate my dome?
    An insulating liner consists of 2 separate layers, a double reflective bubble layer that is pulled over the top of the frame and under the outer cover helps with insulation. The way the reflective layer works is that it reflects heat back into space, aided by the spherical and very energy efficient shape of the dome. This will translate to approximately an overall R5. However, it won't retain heat for very long after the heat source is turned off so you would need several inches of insulating material. The secret to a good stove! For a permanent structure, you can get the inside of your dome sprayed by a local company to achieve a much higher R-value more similar to a cabin or house while eliminating any thermal bridging or condensation on the frame but this means that the dome can no longer be dismantled easily! The spray foam can then still be covered with the fabric or pine paneling interior lining.
  • How do I heat my dome?
    A dome can be heated in all the ways a house can be heated. For installations without electricity, a wood stove is preferable. Pellet stoves, externally vented propane stoves, radiant floor heating, electric heat, or a combination of these are good options. Be sure to increase the size of your heat source as a dome does not have the same insulation as a house. If the dome is 400 square feet, use a stove that is good for 800-1000.
  • Are the domes guaranteed?
    We offer a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. However, it should last you more than 10 years. Our structures are designed for snow and wind loads and we will provide the report with your dome for added peace of mind and clearance.
  • What is the delivery delay ?
    We aim to deliver to you within 30 to 45 working days after pre-ordering (effective mid-May). So plan ahead and order early! Follow us to be informed!
  • Where do you ship?
    We are currently able to ship to Canada. For France, we can refer you to a manufacturer. Write to usif you are interested.
  • How does payment work?
    After confirming your order, we ask for a 30% deposit. You can pay via Interact or bitcoins. The rest is due when your cocodome is ready to ship from our Gaspé warehouse.
  • What size do I need?
    cocoKIT12 is suitable for short-term accommodation for a single or a couple with little room for more, if outside facilities exist for bathroom, kitchen, etc. It's a good size for a chicken coop, greenhouse, vending stand, or massage area. cocoKIT18 is suitable for a couple with a room to relax facing nature and a sink or kitchenette. A small bathroom cell can be added for short term guest accommodation. It is also a size for a yoga space, exhibition place.
  • What do I put my cocodôme on?
    Most of our customers choose to build wooden platforms. They can be raised off the ground, erected on uneven or sloping ground, have a low impact on the environment and are ultimately removable. For year-round use, we recommend isolating R6 the platform. We provide platform plans for our common dome sizes with detailed cuts, measurements and angles that you can use to build it yourself or give it to a local contractor. Other options for flooring are poured concrete slabs (potentially insulated with radiant heat) or earth or cob floors. For temporary installation you can use waterproof and resistant ground sheets which can be laid directly on the ground. Some will go with plywood flooring over recycled tires. If you wish to place your dome on a larger rectangular deck, you must provide drainage space around the perimeter of the dome to ensure that rainwater cannot pass under the dome.
  • How do I attach my dome to the platform?
    The wooden frame of the dome can bolt or screw into the platform directly. If you are installing directly on the floor, you can also use ground screws or rebar to secure the feet.
  • How to put the door?
    The cocoKIT12 is designed with a smaller opening than a standard door. From cocokit18 it is possible to install any type of door that are available in any building supply. We recommend a 34" metal door as it is affordable and very weather resistant. You will be able to choose from a variety of window options and paint it any color you like. To install, simply create a simple 2x3 frame and bolt it to the structure. It's a simple and versatile solution that only requires basic carpentry skills.
  • Do I need a building permit?
    It all depends on how you see the rules in life. Domes are technically tents, so temporary structures that can be taken down in a day. Many of our clients living in rural areas decide to avoid the bureaucratic hassle and not apply for a permit until the neighbors complain. However, if your use is more high profile or a commercial vacation rental business, you may need to obtain permits depending on your municipality with different rules and requirements. Our engineer's reports for the rated load, together with the engineering platform plans, are usually sufficient to satisfy the authorities. We cannot guarantee that the building service will be open to these alternative structures.
  • What is the lifespan of the domes?
    There are domes in use today that are over 20 years old. We use high quality materials and both guarantee our domes structure for 10 years, but a properly maintained dome can work much longer than that.
  • How is the dome shipped to me?
    We are able to pack your entire dome on a pallet and ship it anywhere in Quebec. We make sure every component and instruction you will need is included and in good condition, then we provide you with a shipment number. It will be delivered to your home or picked up at our premises.
  • Are the cocodomes easy to assemble?
    Your cocoKIT chooses comes as a kit with all parts pre-cut, lettering coded, pre-drilled and ready to assemble. We provide a complete manual, sets of plans. The cocoKITS are prefabricated down to the smallest detail, you just need to order a kit and assemble it yourself. Installing a dome is also a fun activity to share with your family, friends. We can offer you the installation according to our provisions and your region. Contact us at
  • Do you install the domes? What are the costs?
    Most homeowners will build the dome themselves with friends and family or hire a local builder. The kit is designed to be self-installed and the installation plan contains all the information needed to assemble the dome, including written instructions, diagrams, etc. We have a certified assembly team with whom we work who have experience in the installation of cocodomes, however, their availability is to be defined together according to availability and your region. We would be happy to put you in touch with them if you are interested in pricing. Costs vary depending on the size of your dome and your location. We will be able to inform you during your purchase.
  • How does the ventilation work?
    Each dome comes with a solar fan that is fixed to the top level of the dome. The door is equipped with an openable mosquito net window. It is possible to obtain other solar fans at an additional cost, just let us know in your order.
  • Do the windows open?
    For the moment, the windows are of the bright bay window style. We are working to find a supplier of removable triangular windows at reasonable costs. The solar ventilation system and the screen door are made for this and are provided when purchasing the dome. We advise you not to orient your windows facing south so as not to get too hot during the summer.
  • Do domes come apart?
    The cocodomes are not made to be dismantled because they are houses even if they are prefabricated and delivered as a kit. However, it is possible to dismantle them but we do not recommend this to maintain the best seal. If you want to move your dome, companies do it just like moving a house or chalet.
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